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Why Foster Care Isn’t The Issue…

The other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and saw something that baffled me. It was a prolife post that caused some controversy. One of the prochoice arguments made my head spin:

“Ok but please look up how many new children enter the foster system or homeless shelters daily then think to yourself how much better they’d be if their parents made a better choice.”

fost care

Unborn children aside for a moment, it hurts my heart that anyone would think for even a moment that a person, a human being who has already been born, would be better off if they never took their first breath. No living (born or unborn) person deserves to have their life talked about as if it is worthless.

Do you know how many great people have come out of foster homes? Steve Jobs, John Lennon, Malcolm X, Marilyn Monroe, and James Dean are all product of the foster care system. Can you imagine a world without these people? If Steve Jobs’ mom had aborted him, there would be no Apple products – that’s right, say goodbye to your precious iPhone, iPod, and Mac. The music world would be decades behind its time and the name Beatles would mean nothing to us today had John Lennon never been born. What state would African-American rights be in today without Malcolm X? Marilyn Monroe and James Dean are iconic names who have influenced so many things in today’s society. These are only a few people who the foster care system saved. Who knows, maybe the cure to cancer is hidden in the mind of a child in foster care. So many great things and great people come out of bad situations, and just because foster care isn’t the best home for a child doesn’t mean they would be better off dead.

So yes, there are a lot of children in foster care at the moment (397,122 children in the US alone), but, no matter how hard their lives may be, they have something precious that they wouldn’t have if they’d been aborted: a life. What I am suggesting to everyone is that while the poor conditions of some foster homes is an issue, maybe the solution is putting more of our tax dollars into improving the foster care system instead of funding abortion.


Pro Life


Since the Pro Life march in D.C. was on January 22 and is a recent event, I figured this was a very appropriate topic.

As a Catholic, I believe life begins at the moment of conception.

Keep in mind that I am a teenager, therefore, I can understand the fears that may come with an unplanned pregnancy. My first thought would obviously be, “I’m seventeen, how would I provide for a child when I’m still a child myself?” Which brings me to my first point:

1) Adoption is the option

I think that for anyone going through a pregnancy that was unplanned, and sometimes unwanted, it’s important to remember that the child growing inside of you has a life also – even if it is completely dependent on you at the moment. If you were to find yourself in a situation where you were unable to care for the child, or simply didn’t want to be a parent, adoption is the option.

Keep in mind that just because you don’t want that baby, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. There are people out there who would love to adopt that baby, and there are people out there unable to have children of there own. Instead of ending the child’s life before it truly begins, give it up for adoption. Children shouldn’t be about convenience, which brings me to my last point:

2) The Convenience Factor

The word “fetus” is used when the unborn child is not wanted or is in a state of limbo, if you will. This word is essential to afford the convenience factor. Fetus is used to offset an inconvenient truth. It’s a viable tissue mass. Fetus is a word widely used to lessen any blame for ending the life of another human being. If conception was used as the guide line that would null and void the convenience, than it’s the conscience factor.

Because I’m seventeen and my generation has grown up with abortion being legal, a lot of my peers seem to be Pro Choice instead of Pro Life. It can be really difficult when your beliefs are different from those you associate yourself with. Since I started going to a Catholic high school last year I haven’t dealt with this issue much in the past year, but when I attended a public high school I noticed it more often than not. Keeping your beliefs and morals in these types of situations is essential!